18 Year Old Virgin (2009) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

18 Year Old Virgin is the story of a virgin (surprise!) who’s 18 years old (surprise again!) and desperately wants to loose it to the guy of her dreams. Katie Powers just might get that chance if her friend Rose has anything to say about it. Rose convinces Katie to go for it with Ryan at a senior grad party. One problem though, Ryan won’t sleep with another virgin after having a bad experience filled with drama. OMG Katie, looks like your dream guy is going to slip through your hands (I’m not sure why that came out like a line from Gossip Girl), luckily Rose is there with a great idea. Katie just has to loose her virginity, then she can get with Ryan (way to go Rose!). But there’s a time limit, Ryan is leaving tomorrow!!! This party is Katie’s last chance to make it with the guy that she shared a magical kiss with as kids. Can she become the kind of girl that has sex at a high school party? Is Ryan even her true love? Will she loose her virginity tonight at all? Find out as she tries and fails in many funny and nudity filled situations.

If you haven’t turned it off before the pornish first five minutes of sex dreams, you’ll probably enjoy how this movie progresses. There’s a lot of nudity here as Katie tries to lose her virginity over and over again with many different guys at the party. Of course these guys’ preferred sexual habits are used for comedic effect as Katie fails time and time again. Many of the jokes consist of Katie’s fellow partiers being incredibly stupid. Bad grammar is a running gag, and Katie consistently corrects it. I guess the message here is smart girls are dumb in bed, but dumb ones seem to just fall and land on a guy’s … And if Katie is so book smart how does she not know anything about sex? “He’s going to stick it in me?!” If this isn’t a commentary on our public schools’ failings in sexual education I don’t know what is (luckily kids are probably sneaking this movie around and watching it, so it’s taken care of – thank you Asylum).

Olivia Alaina May seems very comfortable as Katie, and her reactions to strange sexual advances and situations are how I think Anna Faris might have reacted in this role (hey her star power’s in the gutter these days, anyone see Take Me Home Tonight? Asylum, great idea for your next sex comedy – Scary Sex Movie!). Lauren Walsh is believable as the over sexed and overtly sexual best friend that guides Katie through these troubled times (believable? sorry Lauren if that sounds bad). Todd Leigh as Spencer, the guy secretly crushing on Katie, is the every guy Justin Long type (hey, I bet you guys could get Justin Long too! – Sexy Waiting). Dustin Harnish as Ryan Lambert rounds out the main cast as the James Van Der Beek all the girls want him type (c’mon, I know you can get James Van Der Beek, he’s doing Hallmark movies for crying out loud – Dawson’s Sexy Crack (ok that one went too far and now I’m in a double parenthetical)).

It’s no wonder this is written by Naomi Selfman, the same person who penned #1 Cheerleader Camp and Barely Legal. Unlike the latter of those two, this script has heart, some laughs and (while not the highest form) some level of intelligence. That being said this is an Asylum sex comedy, so we’re working at a soft-core porn level here. It’s not that 18 Year Old Virgin is any more dirty minded than an American Pie flick, it just goes the extra mile with nudity and sex.

With lots of nudity and sexually charged dialogue, 18 Year Old Virgin isn’t appropriate for all ages (or all people in general). If you choose this as a date movie, you’ll lose your girlfriend. If you’re a female that chose this as a date movie, e-mail me.

Director: Tamara Olson
Stars: Olivia Alaina May, Lauren Walsh, Todd Leigh, Dustin Harnish

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