Albert Pyun’s ‘Road to Hell’ Main Title Sequence Rocks

Yes, Albert Pyun’s main title sequence to his latest opus Road to Hell rocks thanks to The Roxy Gunn Project and editor Daniel Gutierrez. Personally this film reminds me a lot of Sin City, especially the kick ass poster art, but also because it was shot on a green screen with CGI backgrounds added in. Pyun was also lucky enough to snag a great cast for the flick. Road to Hell stars Michael Paré, Clare Kramer, Courtney Peldon and Roxy Gunn. As much as I like Paré, I’m most looking forward to Clare Kramer’s performance, her eyes are especially mesmerizing and she so easily melts into a character.

Often times simplicity is best, and here the overlay of Roxy Gunn singing and playing on top of desert shots and driving are ramped up by Gutierrez’s perfect cross cutting between the two. I also really like the little touches such as the brightness shift and unsteadiness at the end of cuts. It’s an all around good way to enter the picture, allowing Gunn’s song and desert visuals to set both the mood and scene. You can read more about the film at the official site and check out the clip below. Let us know what you think.

A soldier who has been fighting a long war is driven mad because he no longer believes in any purpose or righteous truth behind the killing. He comes home to a surreal world looking for his first and only love from his youth, believing she will rescue him from his demons. On the road to Edge City he encounters two seductive spree killers who oppose his efforts to find his love and the redemption he desperately seeks.

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