The Amazing Spider-Man Web Spinning Trailer

I’ll have to admit that the thought of rehashing Spider-Man from the beginning again is daunting and too soon. This trailer does look good in spite of that. It proves to me that this may be worth another look, and although not spine tingling, it does serve up some excitement. Setting the time frame back before the Raimi films was a smart move, this film seems to shed that world with ease and allow for a similar, but slightly mutated view instead. I also suspected that Andrew Garfield was a bad choice, after viewing this those suspicions have been put to rest. With a voice that fits the character, and the gangly body of a teenage boy that could easily adapt to the gymnastic requirements of being Spider-Man, Garfield seems to play right into the role. Action, suspense, drama and web spinning, what more could you ask for? Emma Stone? She’s in there too.

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