Woman Robs a Redbox of Every Last Movie – Video

This video was recently posted showing a woman ever so slowly, but very calmly removing what seems like every last DVD from a Redbox in Cleveland, Ohio and tossing it into a trashbag. The cameraman is a waiting in his car with a female for their chance at getting a rental, and after seeing this strange behavior out came the phone to record it. This is a long and boring video, mainly because of the pace of this supposed crime. I say supposed because in the comments on the video’s page at World Star Hip Hop someone wrote:

She works for them… it’s called an “unload”… you have to make room 4 the other movies! Every1 buggin out, but u right… there is a limit! Only an “unload” employee code will let you do that, but you have to log into the system!

Now we do know that there’s a limit per credit card that the machine will allow out at a time, so she must have some sort of code to be doing this, or about a million different credit cards. Surely these boxes aren’t so easily duped, although hackers are clever and do seem to get past basic security measures with ease. In any case the store has cameras on this machines I’m sure, and she doesn’t seem to be worried about being seen. Is this a robbery, or is she just an employee doing her job? Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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