‘X-Men’ Scribe Zak Penn to Rewrite ‘Karate Kid’ Sequel

It should come as no great surprise that Sony pictures is moving forward with a sequel to the smash hit Karate Kid. The 2010 reboot grossed a staggering $359 million dollars worldwide on a budget of $40 million. Zak Penn (Last Action Hero, The Incredible Hulk) has been brought in to take a crack at the script originally hatched by Kung Fu Panda screenwriters Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff. At this point in development no plot details have been leaked and there has been no official announcement that stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith will return. However since Karate Kid was an unexpected phenomenon, I’m sure both actors can clear their schedules for another go around. After being pleasantly surprised at the quality of the rebooted franchise I’ll be one of the first in line for this follow-up.

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