Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012) – Review

4 Stars

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies is the supremely entertaining genre mash up that I had hoped the far more prestigious Cowboys and Aliens would be. This straight-to-DVD low-budget feature from The Asylum defies all preconceived notions, turns out this high-spirited romp is both clever and satisfying. It seems inspired in equal parts by The Alamo, John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13, and just about any western. Not to mention Romero’s similarly smaller budgeted early films, tackling all the aspects, that fans expect from a movie featuring the walking dead.

If you’ve glanced at my four-star rating for the film and laughed incredulously, then I urge you not to judge this film by its title or the production company. To say this is without a doubt the best film ever to emerge from The Asylum may sound like faint praise. It is apparent early on that the film is going to work, scenes are well-written, clearly staged and competently shot. After the ten minute mark I forgot that I was even watching a mock buster. This is one hell-of-a movie. As I mentioned this is a (supposedly) low-rent cash grab designed to make a few bucks with a release timed to coincide with the big-screen version of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I have yet to view that film, but I suspect Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter cannot hold a candle to Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies.

The good-natured script slyly incorporates real life historic figures into the storyline with ease. The film is undeniably well cast, the revelation though is from actor Bill Oberst Jr. Here is a guy who’s given the task of recreating a very vivid character in American lore and making him believable, endearing and at the same time able to convince the audience he is a man of action. Oberst Jr. displays star quality in a career defining performance. However all would be for not without the slick, focused direction from Richard Schenkman. While watching this film I was reminded that Coppola, Scorsese and DaPalma all got their start with Corman productions. This may be the same fate for director Schenkman. At the very least he has a long career of making above average b-movies on shoe-string budgets.

Audience members brave (or inebriated) enough to take a chance on a film titled Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of this film. Those that are inevitably fooled in viewing this thinking it is the Vampire Hunter version will likely find this far more enjoyable. This minor, yet ridiculously fun picture is just the kind of product that reaffirms my faith in B-movie filmmaking.

Director: Richard Schenkman
Stars: Bill Oberst Jr., David Alexander, Raed Ali

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  • June 25, 2012 at 1:36 am

    I cant believe you gave this four stars, I am going to see it, now, lol.
    I really like the new look of your web site


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