Podcast EP117: Rock Of Ages And That’s My Boy Predictions, News

Episode one-hundred and seventeen. Join hosts Trevor and Jason as they discuss the latest in movie news, box office numbers and trailers.
Box Office Weekend Breakdown: June 8-10, 2012
Box Office Predictions: Rock of Ages
That’s My Boy
News: Thor 2 to Recast Fandral
Cary Fukunaga to Adapt Stephen King’s IT as Two Films
Universal Moving Forward with a Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel
Warner Bros. Takes The Guinness Book of World Records
Jamie Foxx Elected to White House Down
RoboCop Adds Samuel L. Jackson
The Russo Brothers to Direct Captain America Sequel
Michael Bay Says Transformers 4 Will be His Last
Wonder Woman Film Gets Writer
TrailerAddict: Flight
Django Unchained
Movie Reviews: Prometheus
Snow White and the Huntsman

Plus much more, tune in now!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast EP117: Rock Of Ages And That’s My Boy Predictions, News

  • June 12, 2012 at 7:17 am

    I had to share this story, since you spoke of The Soloist, in which Robert Downey Jr. plays journalist named Steve Lopez. One summer, when I was about 11/12 years old, friends and I would walk to a spot at the Delaware River to go fishing. One day, I’m on the dock and a guy approaches me and asks me how the fish were biting (of course, in today’s climate this isn’t something that would go over so well). Anyway, the guy asks if I would mind if he took some notes for an article he was writing…not knowing any better, nor caring, I said sure. It turns out it was Steve Lopez, and he published an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about me fishing at Penn Treaty Park. It was pretty cool seeing Robert Downey Jr. portray a guy that I’d met and that wrote my article.

    • June 12, 2012 at 11:57 pm

      Great story, neat to have something related to your childhood show up in a movie, especially if it’s someone that you met once.


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