Hostel: Part III (2011) – Review

2 Stars

Imagine for a moment if the guys from The Hangover suddenly found themselves in a web of torture and terror. Four friends head to Las Vegas for a bachelor party only to be tricked into attending a party off the strip that leads to night of unimaginable pain. That is the central concept of this third installment in the Hostel trilogy, albeit part three is the only in the series not to be written or directed by creator Eli Roth.

The Hostel films have presented themselves as an enigma, I found the first film to be redundant and cheap. The second installment was immeasurably far superior, I thought the characters interesting and loved the late plot twist, so much so that I gave the picture a four-star review. Now comes this slick, yet mediocre tale that contains many of the series hallmarks but lacks the startling raw power of the previous film. While Las Vegas seems an ideal location setting for the concept, Sin-City is only glimpsed fleetingly before the action shifts to rundown warehouses with ominous looking corridors.

After a compelling and well executed opening sequence this second sequel seemed to be heading in the right direction. However, the following hour is a slow slog through familiar territory, until a new plot development (in the series, and film) resurrects the course of the story in an interesting and unique way. The Hostel pictures have routinely been smarter than their modern cinematic peers, Saw and others in the ‘torture porn’ category. While also capitalizing on a collective fear of being abducted and used as meat for other’s pleasure, the inclusion of intimidating looking Eastern Europeans’ drive the point home further. Credit must be given to director Scott Spiegel for mimicking the style and polished, cold visuals established in the previous outings. Not recommended for bachelor party viewing.

Director: Scott Spiegel
Stars: Kip Pardue, Brian Hallisay, Thomas Kretschmann

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