Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) – Review

3 1/2 Stars

Tucker and Dale are two rednecks on vacation at their remote cabin. They run into a group of college kids along the way. When Dale approaches the beautiful Allison the kids only see the backwoods stereotype and leave in a frightened huff. Soon the two arrive at their newly bought cabin though, and their spirits are lifted. They own their own vacation home, even if it is just a dilapidated old cabin that may have once been home to a voodoo priest. Not far off the college kids stop to camp. They decide to go skinny dipping in a nearby lake where Tucker and Dale happen to be fishing. Allison climbs up on a rock and notices Tucker and Dale out on the lake in their boat. It spooks her and she falls, cracking her head against the rock and knocking herself out. The duo race to Allison’s rescue, but once again accidentally scare off the rest of the kids. They now believe that Tucker and Dale are after them, and formulate a plan to save their friend and rid the world of the redneck evil that lurks in the cabin. Of course Tucker and Dale are anything but evil, and Allison soon realizes that. But the other kids won’t listen, and soon the cabin is surrounded in a bloodbath of comedy as the kids accidentally off themselves instead of their intended targets. Who will survive? Will Tucker and Dale be heroes? Can a city girl like Allison fall for a country bumpkin like Dale? All these questions and more are answered in Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

This is one of the funnest gory movies I’ve seen in a long time. The accidental deaths are reminiscent of Final Destination, but it’s the reactions from Tyler Labine (Dale) and Alan Tudyk (Tucker) that bring out the chuckles. Katrina Bowden is sweet and lovable as always. She oddly pairs well with Labine in this. Although this movie is all about opposites and turning stereotypes on their ears. Here we get the opposing view of some constant horror staples, such as the group of teens stopping at a gas station and being approached by some scary hicks. Tucker and Dale vs Evil puts the camera on the other end, giving the audience a sneak peek at what it’s like to be a local resident rather than the visiting city dweller in a horror flick.

Eli Craig’s direction is spot on. The film is never truly terrifying though, which normally would be a bad thing, but here Craig has found the perfect balance between humor and horror. The casting of Labine and Tudyk doesn’t hurt either. The two are experts in their fields, which is probably why they’re everywhere. Craig very obviously knows the reactions from these two will make the film, and the actors give as much as Craig asks for. This is the type of script and director I’m sure actors clamor for.

Gorehounds will revel in the bloody kills and horror lovers will feel like this tongue-in-cheek slasher flick was crafted just for them. While more hokey than the Scream series, Tucker and Dale vs Evil is just as smart, and a horror film I’d recommend to anyone that appreciates the genre.

Director: Eli Craig
Stars: Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, Katrina Bowden

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