Podcast EP212 Reviews: Man of Steel, Hangover 3, Odd Thomas, Atlantic Rim, Snitch

Episode two-hundred and twelve. Join hosts Trevor and Jason as they review movies new and old.

Movies: After Earth
Man of Steel
Odd Thomas
Atlantic Rim

Forced Reviews: The Hangover 3
Safety Not Guaranteed
God Bless America

Plus much more, tune in now!

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One thought on “Podcast EP212 Reviews: Man of Steel, Hangover 3, Odd Thomas, Atlantic Rim, Snitch

  • July 3, 2013 at 9:28 am

    I can listen to podcasts at my new job now! These are just thoughts as I listen:

    -you made me interested in After Earth… which I didn’t think was possible
    -Man of Steel definitely had a lot of miscasts. I liked the film overall, but I hated Amy Adams and I agree a lot of the dialogue was terrible.
    -The more I think of MoS, the more I don’t like it… but yeah
    -nice mention of the redundancy of cities being destroyed.. I am absolutely tired of that. I’ve talked about it with other people and I really want “blockbusters” to get smaller. Bigger is not always better. Thus my hope that Man of Steel 2 will be a bigger focus on the characters and not the destruction.
    -Zod and his crew are released once Krypton is destroyed. Apparently the home planet’s destruction leads to prison walls being removed?
    -I agree it needs more emotion (more light-heartedness) and a lot more humor
    -Glad to hear something about Odd Thomas. I really can’t wait to see it and your guys’ conversation makes me want it even sooner
    -Don’t spoil a movie NO ONE has seen!!!
    -Your review of Atlantic Rim sounds a lot more positive than your discussion lol
    -I love Safety Not Guaranteed. I thought the ending was perfect and the acting was great. Wish you guys liked it more.
    -Conversation on Hangover 3 makes me happy. Avoided it like the plague and have no desire to move forward with it in my future.
    -God Bless America is incredible. Really wish more people would watch it.
    -Joel Murray. Great mention. He’s Bill Murray’s brother, if you didn’t know!
    -Good points on the girl as the companion. I think she existed more for dialogue purposes. If he talked to himself the entire time, he’d really be crazy and not as sympathetic.
    -I hate Ellen Page too. I also loathe Super.


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