Fair Game (1995) – Review

2 Stars

Fair Game exist in the world of erotic-action-thrillers that were prominent during the mid 1990s. This list included The Specialist, Jade, Color of Night and numerous other forgettable bombs. The two points of interest in this modestly budgeted flick from prolific producer Joel Silver are, the screen acting debut of super-model Cindy Crawford and the second interpretation of Paula Gosling’s book that was previously filmed as Stallone’s Cobra.

Max Kirkpatrick (William Baldwin) is a Miami detective dealing with a crazy ex-girlfriend and a tough bank that won’t finalize the loan approval for his new condo. In to his world walks Kate McQueen (Cindy Crawford), the most gorgeous civil attorney on the planet. Max is determined to protect the venerable Kate when she is target by a ruthless team of ex-KGB operatives. The surveillance tracking that the villains employ was at the time a technical marvel, but seems common knowledge in today’s identity theft prone environment.

First-time feature director Andrew Spies does an adequate job capturing the explosions and beautiful bodies in motion, but the movie is too light-weight for its own good. All of the perpetual car chases, shoot-outs and spy-craft don’t add up to much more than an exercise in pyrotechnics. The most laughable moment is when during a steamy sex scene Kate grabs Max’s gun and blasts two approaching bad guys. Fair Game hums along on pure manic energy and the visual pleasantness of its locations and leads, but it’s so slight and minor that you will probably only be left with the image of Crawford scampering around in a tank-top.

Director: Andrew Spies
Stras: William Baldwin, Cindy Crawford, Steven Berkoff, Christopher MacDonald

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