Cyber-Tracker 2 (1995) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson came up through the ranks of Roger Corman productions. Launched into the mix of Oliver Gruner, Thomas Ian Griffith and a host of other actor/athletes who producers and profiteers hoped would breakout and become the next Seagal or Van Damme type success. While Wilson was unquestionably gifted in the ring performing actual combat, his movies rarely lived up to his fighting prowess. Wilson became the ‘face’ of Corman’s martial arts series Bloodfist, and it’s rumored that since Wilson was still fighting, Corman actually once insured Don’s face for $10 million with Lloyd’s of London. Yet, it’s Wilson’s pictures under PM Entertainment that are the real treats in his spotty filmography.

Sporting a distracting long feathered mullet haircut, Don Wilson plays Federal Agent Eric Phillips, a man whose wife is accused of assassinating a high-ranking government official. The maniacal baddies Paris Morgan has orchestrated a plot that frames both Eric and his wife as fugitives, therefore the robotic police force known as Cybertrackers are after the outlaw couple.

This is all a diversion of course, so that Morgan can secretly construct an army of cyber-assassins available for the highest bidder. On the run from the Terminator-like enforcers, Eric and his wife are relentlessly pursed by a Robot who has Eric’s features. The agent finds help from his department buddy, played by Rocky alumnus Tony Burton. I loved Burton in the Rocky flicks, and its great to see him in other works, but playing a computer whiz is a bit of a stretch for the former pro-boxer.

Cyber-Tracker 2 gets points for being fast paced and violent, there must be more ammunition unloaded in the first five minutes than in Wilson’s entire career up to this point. The obvious references to Terminator are worn proudly, even the soundtrack seems to ape Brad Fidel’s infamous score. As with most PM Ent. productions, the car chases and shoot-outs go on forever, this can lead to a dulled effect after ten minutes of (not very well choreographed) gun-play. Cyber-Tracker 2 rips off Terminator 2 and Demolition Man to create a late-night guilty pleasure viewing experience.

Director: Richard Pepin
Stars: Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, Tony Burton, Stacie Foster

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