Firewalker (1986) – Review

1/2 Star

Firewalker is grade Z, bottom of the barrel trash from Cannon films and their top work-horse Chuck Norris. This flimsy ripoff apes Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Romancing the Stone, while lacking any charm or technical proficiency to match anything in those previously mentioned titles. Firewalker has more in common with King Soloman’s Mine, another Cannon films release which this film recycles sets from. The film was advertised as Norris’ first comedy although audiences will be hard pressed to find anything remotely amusing.

Norris and Gossett, Jr. play Max and Leo, ten-year partners and treasure hunters. Now after a decade of money-losing expeditions, and life threatening situations the duo are about to call it quits. Then a woman appears with a map to long-buried Aztec treasures. The trio embark on a journey that takes them through the Guatemalan forest and into the clutches of mercenaries, and jungle predators. Together they weave through a maze of non-stop peril so unrealistic and poorly executed that the derring-do loses its impact.

Firewalker is a bargain basement clone of better films, the razor-thin plot is as familiar and shabby as the special effects. The film bulges with clichés, cardboard villains, and innate dialogue. This is a particularly awful movie, with numerous continuity errors and a bloated running time. Chuck’s all-time worst movie. Directed with no sense of style, timing or urgency by Bronson regular J. Lee Thompson.

Director: J. Lee Thompson
Stars: Chuck Norris, Louis Gossett, Jr., Sonny Landham

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