Millennium (1989) – Review

1 Star

In today’s current trend of reboots, remakes, re-imagining or any other marketing ‘buzz’ word the studios throw at audiences, Millennium seems an ideal candidate for the process. An airline disaster, time travel and the fate of mankind dictate this heavy-handed film that never takes off. There is a lack of energy or enthusiasm for the project that comes across in the lethargic manner that the story unfolds and the laconic acting from Kristofferson. He seems afloat spouting ridiculous dialogue in a plot that starts at confusing before devolving into near incoherence.

Bill Smith (Kristofferson) is chief investigator for a government agency that is called into pour over the physical debris of a recent airplane crash. While shifting through the rubble, Smith uncovers an alien device that puts him in the crosshairs of an odd stewardess Louise (Cheryl Ladd), a woman who is actually a visitor from the future sent back to recover the lost device.

If Bill should realize that Louise is a time traveler or if she is unable to completer her assignment, then a paradox will be set in motion that could have a crippling effect on future incarnations of our species. Louise’s mission doesn’t include a love affair with Bill that complicates the objective but the outcome is never in danger.

Millennium is a shabby looking science-fiction thriller with little creativity and jumbled direction from one-time ace helmer Michael Anderson. His lack of an appropriate understanding of the source material results in his entire cast turning in wooden performances, from a creaky script ripe with silly dialogue all within the framework of an effects film with laughable results. Since Hollywood is insistent on remaking older good movies, why not take a shot at retelling this travesty?

Director: Michael Anderson
Stars: Kris Kristofferson, Cheryl Ladd, Robert Joy

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