Foreclosure (2014) – Review

1 Star

Foreclosure is a minor entry into the over populated haunted house sub genre. This is a movie wholly devoid of suspense or shocks, and it becomes something of an ordeal to stay with as it runs through its inane plot with remote direction, uninspired dialogue and charmless characters.

Cal Andrews, was a Civil War enactor who inhabited a home that was once the site of a lynching. Many years pervious a young black boy was hung from the tree in Cal’s front yard. This bit of historical folklore didn’t seem to bother Cal, until one day he committed suicide. Now, Bill (Michael Imperioli) his son Steven (Spencer List), and Grandpa Ray (Bill Raymond) take over the property and try to breathe life into the ominous environment.

Before long Steven begins to notice strange noises, and his father’s increasingly erratic behavior. There is a reference to Bill’s unsteady emotional state due to his disintegrating marriage to Ray’s daughter, but it is so vague that it’s hard to pin a motivated reason on the characters flip-flopping other than that’s what happened in The Shinning and Amityville Horror, two obvious inspirations.

Director Richard Ledes has found a gem in young Spencer List. This adorable and capable actor is reminiscent of children that populated Spielberg’s 1980s films, there are even a few shots here, that pay homage to Poltergeist. His relationship with Imperioli is the most interesting aspect of the picture, the curse of a confederate army flag is really a distraction from watching the bond between father and son in a crisis.

Foreclosure seems to think it is making a statement on something, I couldn’t tell you what the filmmakers motivation was but the result is so convoluted that multiple views might be required for a proper plot explanation. If you’ve noticed I’ve fumbled through the synopsis, that is because I’ve just watched the picture and I’m still not clear on what exactly took place. I don’t mean to discount anyone’s passions, but if producers are charing for the VOD, then audiences deserve a coherent story with the barest minimum of production values. For this long-time fan of Michael Imperioli, see his excellent screenplay for Summer of Sam, Foreclosure is that much more of a disappointment.

Director: Richard Ledes
Stars: Michael Imperioli, Spencer List, Bill Raymond

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