Tracers (2015) – Review

3 Stars

Tracers is an energetic and often visually inventive action thriller that comes straight out of the Point Break, Fast & Furious‘ well-defined mold. It features two attractive leads and is laced with almost constant action, this may not be hailed for inventiveness or originality but the sheer velocity at which the film moves is of great value.

Cam (Taylor Lautner) is an agile and aggressive hotshot bike messenger, who rampages through the streets of New York City, peddling as if trying to break a speed record for non-motorized vehicles. His low-paying gig can’t cover the rent or his monthly payment to a group of hostile Asian gangsters. One day while on the job he literally crashes into an attractive young woman Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos), ruining his bike and leaving a lasting impression on the mysterious girl. So, Cam is more than surprised when Nikki has a new bike delivered to the station. Intrigued by Nikki’s parkour moves, the young man sets out to find the donor and thank her for the gift. A mutual attraction soon blossoms and Cam is introduced to the world of Parkour and criminal activity.

The free-runners are a gang led by Miller (Adam Rayner), who specialize in breaking and entering, robbing a warehouse for its valuables and transporting them to a buyer. They are undiscriminating in their stolen goods as long as the buyer on the other end pays on delivery. Indebted financially to mobsters, and kicked-out of his home, Cam is recruited into the inner circle of thieves much to the dismay of Nikki.

Lautner acquits himself well in this his second action film since the Twilight series ended, his stunning co-star Maria Avgeropoulos is the better actor and is capable of handling roles with more depth, but the two have a good on-screen chemistry that sells the love story. Outside of the physical stunts, the most amazing aspect of the picture is that four screenwriters are credited with the script. That is astounding since this is virtually a retread of a retelling, penned by names that have loitered in similar narratives previously.

Director: Daniel Benmayor
Stars: Taylor Lautner, Marie Avgeropoulos, Adam Rayner, Sam Medina

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