The Marine 4: Moving Target ( 2015) – Review

3 Stars

The Marine sequels have never been able to reach the gloriously goofy heights established in the original nearly a decade ago. Three changes of lead actors and four different directors have had a go and this time they are working with the strongest script of the bunch.

Sgt. Jake Carter (Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin) is convinced by his former superiors to oversee the protection of a “high-value package”, in this case it’s an attractive government employee turned whistle-blower. Her sensitive information will expose corrupt in the military’s defense contract department. However, a shadow agency is approved to enlist a squad of mercenaries to kill her and Carter. Now, he must put to use his warrior instinct and stop the soldiers for hire before they hit their target.

While this franchise has never been an estimable brand, the fourth outing is a correcting of the ship after a lackluster pervious installment. The Miz is growing into a likable screen personality, not on the level of Bautista or Dwayne Johnson but as compelling as Orton and leagues better than Dibasi. The door is left open for a welcomed follow-up.

Director: William Kaufman
Stars: Mike Mizanin, Summer Rae

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