Aloha (2015) – Review

1 Star

Aloha is unquestionably Cameron Crowe’s weakest film to date. It is unfocused, forced, and lacking any sort of narrative drive. Since the script was written by Crowe (in addition to directing duties) there are occasional glimmers and specks of the talent shining through but, too often characters become irritating. Another fatal flaw is the blatant misuse of the collective star power of Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray and Danny Mcbride, all wasted in throwaway roles.

Disgraced military contractor Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper) has the opportunity for a career rebirth in Oahu, Hawaii. While on assignment he attempts to rekindle things with his ex-girlfriend Tracy (Rachel McAdams), who is now married to a studly and silent Air Force Pilot (John Krasinski).

Gilcrest is on the island to negotiate a deal between Hawaiian tribesmen and NASA over testing grounds. Helping Gilcrest is Allison Ng (Emma Stone), a by-the-book, obnoxiously polite fighter pilot who is actually there to make sure Brain doesn’t embarrass himself.

As Brian begins to spend more time with Allison, he finds himself smitten with his hard-nosed guide. Meanwhile, Tracy reveals a long-hidden truth that may throw everything off-balance, again.

A major problem with Aloha is that none of the main characters are very likable or interesting. Krasinski is given very few lines, his silent conversations are amusing the first time but fall flat thereafter. I must call out the final scene. It is a total miscalculation and ranks Razzie-worthy. A Cameron Crowe movie is typically never-to-be-missed. Skip, Aloha.

Director: Cameron Crowe
Stars: Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone

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