The Unauthorized Full House Story (2015) – Review

2 Stars

The Lifetime Network has recently found great viewership (and critical derision) by delving into ‘unauthorized’ behind the scenes tele-movies based on wildly popular 1980s-1990s television programs. The script here is based on rumors, publicized contract negotiations and creative fluff. Sporting a script that hasn’t been adapted from a memoir, interview or talent themselves, the story is a sometimes amusing but extremely predictable series of events that led to Full House latching onto the national zeitgeist.

Starting off in 1985 as struggling comedians Bob Saget (Garrett Brawith) and Dave Coulier (Justin Mader) are wondering aloud why they haven’t been able to land that big pilot show. Seems like every one of their contemporaries has been cast in starring roles in movies or T.V., but Saget and Coulter can’t get arrested. Things change when producer Jeff Franklin casts the pair in a sitcom, along with John Stamos (Justin Gaston) and the adorable Olsen twins, that skyrockets them to fame and fortune.

All of the typical touchstones of the ‘entertainment’ drama genre are covered, leaving few clichĂ©s alone. We are witness to the growing friction between cast members, the rising popularity of the Twins, and even attempts to bring seriousness to a lame brained sitcom. The leads do their best at impersonations, but only Garrett Brawith playing Saget comes across as authentic, the others are playing dress-up in comparison. Even with all these shortcomings, The Unauthorized Full House Story is eminently more watchable than the similar Saved by the Bell movie from last year.

Director: Brian K. Roberts
Stars:Garrett Brawith, Justin Gaston, Justin Mader

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