Chain of Command (2015) – Review

1 Star

Chain of Command is shockingly amateurish, especially considering it stars Michael Jai White and Steve Austin, two B-Movie action icons typically associated with above-par genre fare. For an advertised action/revenge flick there is a shortage of action, the few sequences that abound in the film’s first thirty minutes are so poorly executed that it drains the picture any shot at achieving guilty pleasure status.

Special Forces Vet James Webster (Michael Jai White) has just returned home from active duty, and before long he is out to avenge the brutal murder of his older brother. Webster’s vendetta catches the attention of a nervous US Government official, who brings in a deadly counter-agent (Steve Austin) to meet the threat head-on.

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What started out as revenge leads to corruption and deceit on the highest levels of the military-complex. Webster must avoid his cunning peer, while exposing the corruption that lead to his brother’s slaying.

Nearly every aspect of Chain of Command is botched at some point during the running-time. Continuity is noticeably spotty, the film lacks visual impact and the fight choreography is unimpressive. Even the charisma and energy Michael Jai White seems to be missing. There is definitely far too many chinks in this chain, it needs a professional sheen, or a spark of originality to cover the budgetary shortcomings.

Director: Kevin Carraway
Stars: Michael Jai White, Steve Austin, Max Ryan

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