Starship: Apocalypse (2014) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

You have to give it to the filmmakers behind the ongoing Starship saga for crafting a complete universe for its characters. But it’s also confused, overly plotted and dreadfully scripted in spots. Helmed by Aussie director Neil Johnson, Starship: Apocalypse isn’t quite inept (or fun) enough to qualify as Ozploitation, but it’s in the same goofy spirit.

Those that endured the first in the series, Starship: Rising, may remember that the rebellion is fighting against both a suppressive government and an evil entity known as the Overseer, merciless Ruler of the Federation. His agenda is to wants to enslave the rebellious John Worthy (Darren Jacobs) and his mutinous cohorts. The plan is to enslave the rebels with a sacred nano-virus that turns humans into controllable soldiers.

Now, it’s up to Worthy and the crew of his Starship, to stop the oncoming apocalypse and over throw the ruler of the federation. As second-tier sci-fi films go, Starship: Apocalypse has its heart in the right place. But, there’s precious little sense of adventure, suspense or excitement and no sense of fun.

Director: Neil Johnson
Stars: Darren Jacobs, Ralph Guzzo, Emii

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