Tremors 5: Bloodlines ( 2015) – Review

3 Stars

When I saw Tremors back in 1990, I had no clue that 25 years later the series would produce a fifth entry. To say the concept and point has been stretched to include these low-budgeted sequels, is besides the point. These titles have name recognition and serve as filler for Syfy channel and the like. But I’m pleased to report that Tremors 5 is a funny, often-entertaining direct-to-DVD B-movie with good effects and decent performances considering the genre and audience expectations.

Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) is recruited back into action to battle Graboids and Ass Blasters. This time the location is deep within the wilderness of South Africa. When a new species of Graboids begins to terrorize the local population. Gummer, aided by a tech-wizard newcomer named Travis Welker (Jamie Kennedy) must once again stop the monstrous, man-eating Graboids from killing all living beings.

Tremors 5 is a B-movie made by and for movie lovers, there are numerous in-joke references to popular genre flicks-Aliens, Die Hard, Jurassic Park-to let you know the writers are gleefully pillaging from other movies you’ve probably already seen. There is a fun almost ad-libbed vibe that flows from the likable cast and humorous line-readings. I’ve always like Michael Gross and this role has been a hallmark in his otherwise low-key career. He seems to relish the chance to play the character every few years, willing showing up in sequel after sequel. Look for a major cameo that adds to the history of the franchise.

Director: Don Michael Paul
Stars: Michael Gross, Jaime Kennedy, Natalie Becker

3 thoughts on “Tremors 5: Bloodlines ( 2015) – Review

  • October 1, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    The original tremors will always be a classic and the the resulting first 3 sequels have worked to flesh out the idea of what the creatures are, how they reproduce and how we as humans can maintain our positions on the top of the food chain. I personally thoroughly enjoyed it because it was so unlike the first 4 films. Logically they had no-where else to go with the story in america unless you want to see them invading large cities which would be kind of stupid to be honest. We know that graboids make screechers which make assblasters who make graboids. But this new film shows us how this unfortunately little known cult classic creature could have evolved in a different environment. It’s the same monster but it’s refreshingly different enough to not be the recycled plot of one of the first 4 films. And yes there were some things in there that were pretty silly, but they were fun. You have to have a sense of humor to enjoy the tremors series to be honest, if you can’t then you miss out on what they were trying to do with this one. Michael gross is still awesome, he’s older, more mature and still lovably gun obsessed almost to the psychotic extreme. As for the acting, I’m not an expert but bad acting to me is when I can’t believe the character is real when everything that comes out of their mouth makes me want to throw popcorn at them, but Michael Gross IS Gummer, so for him to agree to make this film, then there must be something about it that you were just too small minded or immature to see. The tremors films have always been able to make fun of themselves and of other films. I loved the use of the slasher motif in this because it left me guessing what the new monster was unlike in the other films where you find out fairly early on. I found that this film finally resolved some things about the Gummer character that I was worried about as a child. I will definitely buy it XD

  • October 1, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    I was *sooo* disappointed in this movie.

    I am a real fan of Tremors 1 through 4 and have each in my DVD collection. Sadly, after watching this movie I won’t be wasting my money on a Tremors 5 disk.

    Right from the get-go I thought this was an advertisement from the South African Tourism Board instead of a SciFi thriller. However, even the South Africans were clearly embarrassed to be associated with this disaster — read the disclaimer from them near the end of the credits — it’s a hoot and speaks to the awfulness of this movie.

    Bert’s character has been destroyed and turned into a parody of his role in the previous 4 installments.

    Earl and Val must be rolling their eyes in disbelief over this piece of trash.

    Even if you’re slightly tempted to waste money on this shocker — resist! Go watch The Martian instead.

  • September 30, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    Did you watch the whole movie or you just skipped thru several parts and thought “bah, no one will watch this anyway”? It is an insufferable mess, with awful script, terrible acting and 1980s slasher-flick photography. Avoid at all cost, consider yourselves warned.


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