Jason X (2002) – Review

1 Star

After visiting Camp Crystal Lake, Manhattan and Hell, Jason Vorhees has been jettisoned into space in the oddity that is known as Jason X. This is a tired and lumbering entry that willfully takes its scripting cues from the first two Alien films. Screenwriter Todd Farmer (Drive Angry) has a bit role as a hard ass crewman aboard the scavenger vessel that finds the cryogenically preserved bodies of Voorhees, and a female scientist from 400 years earlier.

The standard character archetypes populate the story, all are just fodder for Jason as he stalks, mutilates, and wreaks chaos aboard the spaceship. A futuristic looking space-aged Voorhees is unveiled, but way too late in the picture to add any enjoyment. Film buffs may recognize esteemed director David Cronenberg as a mad scientist, who meets an unfortunate end.

Jason X rode into theaters on a wave of anticipation from its ardent fan base, only to greatly disappoint. The trailers promised B-movie fun, while acknowledging the mistakes that had come in the previous entries. Predictably, the tenth time out was not the fix that the series desperately needed at this point. Poor production design, acting, and lackluster plotting sink this ship. I urge you to read Mr. Farmer’s personal blog, it’s far more amusing,interesting, and thoughtful than anything in his script.

Director: James Isaac
Stars: Kane Hodder, Lexa Doig, Todd Farmer

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