Point Break (2015) – Review

2 Stars

Katherine Bigelow’s classic 1991 action film Point Break has been remade nearly 25 years later. This update on the original plays like a cliff notes version for the younger attention deficit crowd. To be fair, The Fast and Furious copied the formula long ago and to better effect than this in name re-telling. Featuring a cast of unremarkable actors that are only modestly invested in the material, Point Break (2015) has to rely on its stunning stunt footage to carry the film. The photography by director/director of photography Ericson Core is top-notch and often distracts from the mundane procedural.

Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) is a former extreme athlete, who joined the FBI after a tragic accident took his friend’s life. Using his knowledge of adrenaline junkies, Johnny sees a pattern to a string of seemingly random robberies that have been carried out by a trio of dare-devils. He persuades his superiors to let him go undercover and work his way into the tight-knit group of bad-boys.

The trio is led by the spiritual guru Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez), who serves as the alpha in both physicality and fearlessness. Johnny strikes up a quick friendship with Bodhi after a surfing mishap almost costs Utah his life. Before long, the FBI agent is full immersed in the lifestyle of the hard-partying, high-adrenaline gang. Things get complicated when a lovely female (Teresa Palmer) member becomes Johnny’s object of affection.

Almost every recognizable aspect of the original has been replicated and none of it works. The ending sequence, which had a haunting beauty, has been botched in the update. Luke Bracey proves that Keanu Reeves has un-appreciated talent and screen presence. Edgar Ramirez is slight more effective as Bodhi, though his ratty mane is in desperate need of a clip and stylist. I was at my breaking point with this movie long before it was over.

Director: Ericson Core
Stars: Edgar Ramírez, Luke Bracey, Teresa Palmer

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