Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland (2016) – Review

3 1/2 Stars

Blue Mountain State successfully makes the jump from cult classic television show to theatrical feature film. Anchored by the original cast, and the invaluable comedic timing of lead actor Alan Ritchson–BMS is a worthy follow-up for fans that have longed to see just what happened to Thad’s NFL ambitions?

Self obsessed Thad (Alan Ritchson) has moved-on from the hollowed grounds of his Alma mater Blue Mountain State. Left behind are second-string quarter back Alex Moran (Darin Brooks), and his mentally questionable sidekick Sammy (Chris Romano). As the institution’s Dean vows to do away with the school’s goat house (the football teams’ frat house). Alex, in need of a fix so that his anticipated senior year isn’t shot, approaches former line-backer standout Thad, now a rampaging ego-maniac run amok in the pro ranks.

Thad’s running through his money at an alarming rate, purchasing 97 guns, a tank, and even a zoo. So, it doesn’t take much to get him to agree to his former teammates request, with one caveat, they have to rename the house Thadland, and conduct the biggest, baddest party in memory. The cost of the operation and the house? A cool $5 million dollars, which Thad willingly donates in his own vanity.

The epic bash includes raining cocaine, mojito hot tubs, and all the drugs east of the Mississippi. During the bash, Alex must rebuke the advances of a pretty co-ed that his lesbian pal Mary Jo (Frankie Shaw) has the hots for. Thad exposes one of the squad as gay, and coach McDaniels crashes while making out with a chick on his motorcycle. Aided by his scene-stealing cousin, Dick Dawg–Thad sets out to reclaim his position as king of Blue Mountain State.

Blue Mountain State is probably the funniest show you never watched. It’s surprising that a successful kick-starter campaign has produced this very amusing sequel to the series that is in keeping with the show’s themes and established character personas.

Director: Lev Spiro
Stars: Darin Brooks, Alan Ritchson, Chris Romano

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