Big Game (2014) – Review

3 Stars

If Steven Spielberg ever produced a Renny Harlin film the result would, presumably, resemble the 2014 finnish film Big Game. Had this movie come out when I was a 12-year-old boy it would have possibly been my favorite film of all-time, as an adult I can still indulge my inner child with genre throwbacks like this. There will never be any debate about Big Game being passed over during awards season, but this nimble adventure film is a joyous exercise in formula that has been injected with humor, deft action sequences, a touch of E.T., and moments of poignancy.

Oskair (Onni Tommila) is a 12-year-old boy on the verge of manhood in his local tribe of hunters. Like all the young men before him, Oskair will be sent alone into the woods to capture the head of a wild animal. Meanwhile, the President of the United States is aboard Air Force One when it’s seized by rogue Secret Service agents. President Moore (Samuel L. Jackson) is secured into his escape pod and jettisoned into the rocky wilderness of Finland.

The Boy stumbles upon the pod and aids President Moore in escaping his pursuers, a trio of big game hunters that intend to capture, kill, and stuff the corpse of the dead President. From that point on the movie quickly moves through its plot points while delivering some impressive special effects and moments of bonding between the young boy and the most powerful man in the world.

There is genuine chemistry between Onni Tommila and Jackson, their growing relationship is the heart of the movie and without the right casting it brigs the whole thing down. Luckily the duo is spot on and Tommila’s broken english makes him even more likable. Supporting players Jim Broadbent, Ray Stevenson and Victor Garber all deliver in bit parts that are enriched by their level of intensity and professionalism.

Director: Jalmari Helander
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Ray Stevenson, Jim Broadbent

Director: Jalmari Helander

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