Out to Sea (1997) – Review

3 Stars

Out to Sea represents the last entertaining movie that Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau would appear in together. The following year gave us The Odd Couple II, a sequel thirty years in the making that wasn’t worth the wait. I actually prefer this breezy comedy to their more popular Grumpy Old Men flicks. Lemmon is cast as a recent widower and Matthau as his ex-brother in law, a man with a huge debt to local hoods and loose morals.

Charlie (Walter Matthau) sees an opportunity to skip town by convincing Herb (Jack Lemmon) to join him on a tropical cruise. On board they hope to strike it with some rich broads and a future life on easy street. However, Charlie has signed the pair up as dance hosts for a cut-rate deal on the trip. Now, under the watchful eye of a disdainful cruise director (Brent Spiner), Charlie and Herb are forced to carry out their duties while trying to capture the attention of an heiress (Dyan Cannon) and a fellow divorcee (Gloria DeHaven).

Lemmon and Matthau prove to still be capable of mining laughs from mediocre material. The following year the pair reunited for one last time in a sequel to Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, that atrocity makes Out to Sea even more appealing for it’s pleasantly entertaining low-key vibe.

Director:Martha Coolidge
Stars: Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Brent Spiner

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