Ringmaster (1998) – Review

1/2 Star

What if I told you that the American Ninja and Spawn both appeared in a movie in which neither man threw a punch or kick? Well, Ringmaster is just that movie. If you happened to miss the film that’s because it’s not a martial arts extravaganza but rather a ‘comedy’ about The Jerry Springer Show. There was a time when I watched the show or circus, a brief window in my late teens, and I even travelled to the theater to witness this depressing and vulgar exercise that should embarrass all that participated in creating such a bleak film.

Angel (Jamie Pressly) is a white trash teenager sleeping with her mother’s husband (Michael Dudikoff). Meanwhile the mother (Molly Hagan) begins an affair with her daughter’s boyfriend. When a request for guests on The Jerry Springer Show airs the mother signs the group up for a free trip to LA to appear on the program. Other guests of the episode include Starletta whose boyfriend (Michael Jai White) is sleeping with her two best friends, but the ladies form a bond are against the boyfriend when he begins sleeping with Angel. All of this transpires while Jerry faces an existential crisis regarding the show itself.

Ringmaster is, not surprisingly, one of the worst films of 1998. This picture attempted to cash in on the fame of Springer’s out of control television program, which hit its cultural Zenith the year before this film’s release. Springer isn’t given much to do, he essentially plays himself. The unforgivable sin of this utterly forgettable movie is in wasting the talents of Dudikoff and Jai White.

Director: Neil Abramson
Stars: Jaime Pressly, Molly Hagan, Michael Jai White

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