Death Before Dishonor (1987) – Review

2 Stars

Fred Dryer is a revenge obsessed Marine involved with Middle Eastern intrigue in the action film Death Before Dishonor. This simple-minded jingoistic relic from the 1980’s is occasionally offensive and painfully shallow. Dryer makes a compelling hero and he commands the screen well. Distinguished DP Don Burgess is credited as Director of Photography, obviously honing his craft on a small stage before hitting the upper echelon of Hollywood filmmaking.

Terrorists in a fictional Arab country kidnap a Marine Kernel and demand ransom. Master Sergeant Joseph Burns (Fred Dryer) and his troop of elite Marines take the matter into their own hands. A beautiful photojournalist Ellie (Joanna Pacula) is caught in the middle of the conflict. This leads to a shoot-’em up at the desert fortress of the captors.

Cardboard characters, clichés, and ridiculous dialogue abound in this hackneyed film, clearly inspired by the success of Rambo and the ilk. Outside of Dryer’s charm and charisma the film is a bore. Former stuntman Terry Leonard is the man behind the camera and there are a few nice stunts but, the overall movie doesn’t amount to much.

Director: Terry Leonard
Stars: Fred Dryer, Brian Keith, Joanna Pacula, Paul Winfield

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