Death Before Dishonor (1987) – Review

2 Stars

Fred Dryer is a revenge obsessed Marine involved with Middle Eastern intrigue in the action film Death Before Dishonor. This simple-minded jingoistic relic from the 1980’s is occasionally offensive and painfully shallow. Dryer makes a compelling hero and he commands the screen well. Distinguished DP Don Burgess is credited as Director of Photography, obviously honing his craft on a small stage before hitting the upper echelon of Hollywood filmmaking.

Terrorists in a fictional Arab country kidnap a Marine Kernel and demand ransom. Master Sergeant Joseph Burns (Fred Dryer) and his troop of elite Marines take the matter into their own hands. A beautiful photojournalist Ellie (Joanna Pacula) is caught in the middle of the conflict. This leads to a shoot-’em up at the desert fortress of the captors.

Cardboard characters, clichĂ©s, and ridiculous dialogue abound in this hackneyed film, clearly inspired by the success of Rambo and the ilk. Outside of Dryer’s charm and charisma the film is a bore. Former stuntman Terry Leonard is the man behind the camera and there are a few nice stunts but, the overall movie doesn’t amount to much.

Director: Terry Leonard
Stars: Fred Dryer, Brian Keith, Joanna Pacula, Paul Winfield

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