Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) – Review

2 Stars

What you can see in Mechanic: Resurrection, if you choose to analyze it, is the attempt at creating a movie franchise. This is the could have pointed the way to an indefinite series of Mechanic adventures — one that could even serve as a low-brow James Bond in supplying our need for a suave assassin in the movies. The first Mechanic movie, was a glossy and well executed action thriller about the failed relationship between a hitman and his protegĂ©. This second film is bigger, cheaper looking, and less entertaining. Jessica Alba, wasted in a secondary role, just reminds of her beauty and the fact that she should have been a ‘Bond’ girl herself.

After a nifty pre-title opening sequence the story slows to a grinding halt for the remainder of the first act. Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) saves an abused woman Gina (Jessica Alba) from her abusive boyfriend. Only to find out that Gina has been planted by Mr. Crain to get close to Bishop. Then she’s to be kidnapped and used as leverage against the assassin. He’s tasked with completing three kills in order to get the girl back unharmed.

The first 10 minutes of The Mechanic 2 have the manic zeal that could have driven the series into a guilty pleasure realm. Instead, the nicely photographed film meanders through its hazy plot. Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh have extended cameos and only add value to the names on the poster. The Mechanic: Resurrection is a disappointing follow-up to one of the best film’s in the Statham cannon.

Director: Dennis Gansel
Stars: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones

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