Cops and Robbers (2017) – Review

3 Stars

Cops and Robbers is made from the spare parts of movies like Inside Man, The Negotiator, Desperate Hours and a few other crime-thrillers. Originality is not the picture’s strong suit, but it features two charismatic leads in Michael Jai White and Quentin Jackson, who carry the film through its predictable story. Director Scott Windhauser lends the film a considerable amount of visual energy considering the second tier production values, and his script features a clever ending that makes the viewing experience worthwhile.

Micheal (Michael Jai White) is a hostage negotiator recently back on duty after a traumatic experience that left a man dead. Now, he’s summoned to communicate with a gang of robbers led by Jessie (Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson), an ex-con who happens to be Michael’s older brother. Jessie holds a long-standing resentment towards his brother and his plan to humiliate and exact revenge on his sibling is the criminal’s true intention.

While Cops and Robbers is passable as B-movie fodder, I’m curious to see what Scott Windhauser’s next feature will bring. Hopefully, he reunites with either of his main cast members and creates more interesting work for both of these under-utilized talents.

Director: Scott Windhauser
Stars: Michael Jai White, Tom Berenger,

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