Accident Man (2018) – Review

3 Stars

Scott Adkins, a name synonymous with upper-tier B-movies, is back in action once again. This time he plays a semi-popular comic-strip character with the intriguing moniker ‘Accident Man’. Adkins makes his third collaboration with director Jesse V. Johnson a winner. The prolific star is also credited with co-writing and co-producing this very entertaining and exceedingly violent action comedy. Accident Man is propelled along by its grindhouse sensibility mixed with a cheeky English vibe, both of which serve the film well.

Mike Fallon (Adkins) is the kind of contract killer that commits murder for cash to buy a new bike, then goes to a local watering hole and beats the living shit out of every scoundrel in the joint. He calls it P.M.T. (Post Murder Therapy). Fallon is part of a vipers den of cold-blooded assassins, all of whom collectively hang-out at an underground club called the oasis. The members are made up of half a dozen psychopaths with little value of human life.

The Oasis is run by Big Ray (Ray Stevenson) and his set of house rules are to be followed without fail. The nebish Milton (David Paymer) is the man who gives out ‘assignments’ and is protected under Big Ray’s rules. That’s until Fallon’s pregnant ex-girlfriend is murdered and he suspects his fellow killers and handler of orchestrating the attack. Leading to an outstanding fight scene that pairs Adkins against Michael Jai White and Star Wars alumnus Ray Park.

Accident Man looks like it was visually inspired by Michael Cain’s Get Carter and Harry Brown. Jesse V. Johnson is clearly extremely familiar with stunt work and the knowledgeable expertise is visible in the film’s rousing action moments. There is a string of oddball comedic elements that will either amuse or unsettle some viewers. Accident Man marks another destined classic in the underappreciated filmography of leading man Scott Adkins.

Director: Jesse V. Johnson
Stars: Scott Adkins, Ray Stevenson, Michael Jai White

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