Star Kid (1998) – Review

3 Stars

Star Kid is a children friendly version of the Manga comics character The Guyver. While that creative inspiration isn’t noted in the credits the influence is striking and obvious. So much so that I’m surprised no lawsuit was filed against the makers of this film. Still, Star Kid is a low-key and enjoyable fantasy for pre-teen boys that is a half-parts superhero film and boy meets alien flick. There isn’t much originality in the film’s script but the goodwill the picture builds with its audience is enough to give it a whole-hearted recommendation.

Spencer (Joseph Mazzello) is the new kid in the neighborhood. He’s still dealing with the death of his mother and the kids at his new school aren’t the kindest bunch. After getting embarrassed by the school’s bully, Spencer spots a mysterious light in the sky that seemingly crashes to earth in an abandoned junkyard. The young boy investigates the wreckage and discovers an alien cyber-suit that is capable of giving the user incredible power, agility, and weaponry. Of course, Spencer can’t help himself and uses the suit to cause mischief, equal the score with his foes, and save the pretty girl in school from grave danger. Meanwhile, a hostile alien being is tracking the suit across the cosmos in order to wipe out the lone survivor of a galactic warrior that has spilled over on Earth.

Manny Coto is the director credited and he does a fine job of delivering a flick that is from the Power Rangers/TMNT mold, but is better directed, acted, and overall produced. Having sat through Coto’s previous film Cover Up, I was expecting Star Kid to be a similarly painful viewing experience. Yet, almost immediately the picture’s low-budget charms start to entice me and the simple pleasures offered up during the 95-minute running-time are enough to recommend the movie to those looking for a family-flick movie with heart that’s heavy on action, but light on blood.

Director: Manny Coto
Stars: Joseph Mazzello, Joey Simmrin, Alex Daniels

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