Tomb Invader (2018) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

You’ve got to hand it to the producers of these ‘mockbuster’ for continually coming up with cleverly titled exploitation flicks that are designed to trick unwitting viewers or delight those searching for cinematic cheese. Tomb Invader, is designed to coincide with the release of Alicia Virklander’s Tomb Raider, but few will mistake the two films in terms of quality. This Asylum production is on the level of a Saturday afternoon television series. The acting, production values, and photography are proportionate for the level of budget, time, and resources.

Adventurer Alabama Channing (Gina Vitori)is a field archeologist in her downtime and a professor during the day. When her mother goes missing, Professor Channing is visited by a local reporter who gives her a secret to the whereabouts of a long sought-after tomb of a long-deceased Chinese Emperor.

The producers must see a decent R.O.I., or encourage viewership numbers, to keep churning out these ‘wannabe’ franchises. Tomb Invader is heavily inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark and of course, the Jolie headlined Tomb Raider flicks. Gina Vitori makes an ok heroine, she is reminiscent of Gina Carano mixed with Jennifer Esposito, and she can look convincing in the action department.

Director: James Thomas

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