A Dangerous Date (2018) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

Atlantic Rim helmer Jared Cohn leaves the house of Asylum behind for this low-key foray into the world of Lifetime movies. A Dangerous Date is the umpteenth flick about an overly obsessive lover turned homicidal maniac and this script offers virtually no surprises. However, the picture is well-made and the cast is capable in terms of delivery the right performances for this kind of second tier material. Director Jared Chon does a good job balancing a suspenseful tone throughout the film’s brief running time.

Successful Attorney Peter (David Chokachi) is approaching his mid-forties and his daughter (Brianna Joy Chomer) is about to leave for college. He’s suffering from a bit of anxiety about the loneliness of his future when his daughter signs him up for an online dating service. It’s online that Peter meets Alexis (Jillian Murray), their initial conversation is actually orchestrated by Peter’s daughter, but when the two meet on their first date it becomes one long date. Alexis is head over heels for Peter and this doesn’t sit well with the daughter character.

A Dangerous Date is above-par for the Lifetime movies genre, but it feels awfully familiar. The story contains one plot point that comes in the form of a flashback sequence and it works. The film could have used more of that ingenuity, but working under the constraints of the low-budget feature system, A Dangerous Date is an entertaining and somewhat commendable piece of work. I liked it, but it’s not for those without a soft spot for guilty pleasures.

Director: Jared Cohn
Stars: Jillian Murray, David Chokachi, Brianna Joy Chomer

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