Bad Moon (1996) – Review

1 Star

Bad Moon is a bad movie. One that will have you howling with laughter if you can sustain the boredom for 79 minutes. Lost in the shuffle is a good performance from Michael Paré, some effective directing, and a generally creepy atmosphere. But then the movie begins its fast descent into near parody as the story gets stranger and more outlandish with each passing scene. Good luck trying to find character motivations or any sort of logical reasoning to any of the events unfolding onscreen. It appears that this version has been heavily edited down from a director’s cut that, presumably, would have made a more coherent, if still, bad, movie.

Bad Moon is one of those movies that you see on a theater marquee and you wonder how that flick ended up on screens nationwide. I had a friend who highly endorsed this flick over the last two decades. So, I was expecting something more substantial than this very thin horror film. Bad Moon is a film that promises a lot only to deliver very little.

Director: Eric Red
Stars: Mariel Hemingway, Michael Paré, Mason Gamble

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