Ready Player One (2018) – Review

4 Stars

Steven Spielberg delivers his most thoroughly entertaining movie in years with his adaptation of author Ernest Cline’s novel, Ready Player One. This is a richly designed film with staggeringly beautiful images both real and CGI, with a cornucopia of pop cultural reference points. Ready Player One is a movie for people who grew up loving Spielberg flicks and everything 80’s. It also represents state-of-the-art filmmaking in the year 2018, it contains astonishing visuals and some clever use of film lore to hypnotize audiences into going along for the ride.

The year is 2045 and the world has devolved into a depressing place. That’s why everyone seeks the comforts of the Oasis, a virtual reality simulation, where you can be anything or anyone you wish. It’s a not too far off concept considering the way video games are connecting users like never before and Cline’s concept makes for a perfect fit with the filmmaking sensibilities of master Spielberg.

Ready Player One is the first great blockbuster of 2018. It’s an outstanding piece of vibrant work from a director who’s been accustomed to making box-office smashes for over four decades now. The only complaint from this reviewer is the common problem of over-length. A running time of 140 minutes needs to be earned and the pictures’ final act could use a bit of a trim in the editing department. However, there is such an abundance of richness onscreen that it makes up for these trivial squabbles. Ready Player One is not to be missed.

Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn

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