Foolish (1999) – Review

2 Stars

Of all the shoddy movies produced by hip/hop mogul Master P, Foolish is by far the most watchable. It still retains the painfully bad acting and clichéd plotting of other Master P cult flicks I Got the Hook-Up and I’m Bout it, but it’s interspersed with about 35 minutes of star Eddie Griffin’s stand-up routine which is most amusing. Foolish‘s most interesting aspect is the ghost presence of legendary stand-up comics advising Foolish with career advice.

Miles “Foolish” Waise (Eddie Griffin) will go to any length to get his stalled career as a stand-up comic off the ground, while his older brother, Quentin (Master P), better known as the criminal “Fifty Dollah,” has run afoul of the local mafia. A simmering sibling rivalry explodes when they are confronted by the desirable Desiree (Amy Petersen) whose back on the scene, and they are both hopelessly attracted to her.

If double features were still prevalent Foolish would have been the B-side on a double bill headlined by The Player’s Club. For fan’s of Griffin, this picture will provide a lot of laughs, but the amateur screenwriting makes the Master P character unbearable and often paints Foolish as an obnoxious ego-maniac. Foolish would have been better served as either a concert film or had taken the time to really give us a behind-the-scenes look at the world of an emerging stand up comedian with mainstream cross potential. Instead, it wastes time on a route story with few likable characters. Eddie Griffin’s often laugh out loud funny comedy sets are the only reason to justify spending 88 minutes watching Foolish.

Director: Dave Meyers
Stars: Master P, Eddie Griffin

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