Lost & Found (1999) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

Remember that five minutes of hilarity in There’s Something about Mary when Ben Stiller is accosted by a little dog? That short interlude is funnier than anything in Lost & Found, a movie that takes a strange idea and gets weirder with each passing scene. David Spade as a romantic lead is almost as believable as the latest Marvel flick. Admittedly, there is one big laugh-out-loud gag, but it’s a throwaway bit and the film drowns in a dull 100 minutes of unfunny.

Restaurant owner Dylan Ramsey (David Spade) is head-over-heels in love with his new neighbor, a French cellist named Lila (Sophie Marceau). In a desperate attempt to garner her affections, he kidnaps her beloved pet dog and offers to help her find him on a phantom dog hunt. A wrench is thrown in his plans, however, when the dog swallows his best friend’s diamond ring, and things get worse for Dylan as Lila’s ex-fiancee, Rene, arrives to win her back.

Lost & Found wraps things up with a pointless, paycheck only, cameo from Martin Sheen and a bizarre Neil Diamond homage that runs on well past the point of amusement. Spade had been and would be rightly used in future film projects but Lost & Found is such a weak comedy that it feels like a failed sitcom pilot that was retooled for feature-length. Artie Lang who was well used in Dirty Work is stuck doing a Chris Farley impression in a role that even Farley would have struggled to make funny.

Director: Jeff Pollack
Stars: David Spade, Sophie Marceau, Artie Lange

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