Podcast EP 346: Bill&Ted 3, Netflix Mobile, Synder’s Justice League Talk, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Toy Story 4, Dora, Stranger Things S3 Trailers

Episode Three hundred and Forty-Six. Join hosts Trevor and Jason as they discuss the latest in movie news, box office numbers, and trailers.

Trivial Trivia:
Which of these actors has not appeared in a film with Samuel L. Jackson?

a. Nic Cage
b. Val Kilmer
c. Channing Tatum
d. Alec Baldwin

Movie News:
Bill and Ted 3 is a go–William Sandler returning as Grim Reaper
Larry Coen (in memorandum)
Netflix is testing a mobile-only service that would cost $3.99
Zack Snyder’s Original ‘Justice League’ Script Was Never Shot
Sinemia: Is the Struggling Movie Ticket Subscription Service Going the Way of MoviePass?
Ben Affleck’s addiction drama set for awards season release date

Trailer Addict:
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Toy Story 4
Stranger Things season 3

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