The Bachelor (1999) – Review

2 Stars

Chris O’Donnell’s bid for romantic comedy leading man is manifested in the so-so rom-com The Bachelor. To be fair O’Donnell is likable and brings considerable energy, and enthusiasm to his role. While his co-star Renée Zellweger is given very little to do in a minor role that does nothing for the actress’ career. The Bachelor is frustrating to view because it starts out with a hard-edged stance on marriage and then goes soft and cliched after the first act.

Jimmie (Chris O’Donnell) and Anne (Renée Zellweger) have been dating fo three years and it’s time for Jimmie to propose. Except that he fumbles the big moment away and Anne decides that he isn’t ready for commitment. When Jimmie’s grandfather dies leaving him a fortune to inherit it comes with conditions. Now, Jimmie must convince Anne or anyone to marry him within the next 48hrs in order to receive his inheritance.

The Bachelor is a variation of Brewster’s Millions albeit with a romantic twist. However, it’s just not that funny watching O’Donnell’s dull character getting repeatedly turned down on his marriage proposals. Hal Holbrook, Artie Lange, and Ed Asner provide the little amounts of comedic relief in the film. The Bachelor isn’t awful in fact its solidly mediocre.

Director: Gary Sinyor
Stars: Chris O’Donnell, Renée Zellweger, Artie Lange

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