A Very Brady Sequel (1996) – Review

3 Stars

A Very Brady Sequel is the sequel to 1995s’ unlikely hit movie adaptation of the 1970s’ television show, and it is an improvement on the original film, released just a year earlier. I don’t hold the source material in high regard and I don’t harbor any sneaky affections for the cheeky series that ran for five seasons. So, I’m a bit surprised to reveal that while viewing A Very Brady Sequel I was overtaken by an infectious sense of joy and goodwill at the good-natured entertainment on-screen.

If you ever wondered what happened to Carol Brady’s first husband then you’ll be thrilled to know he mysteriously vanished on an expedition. Mike is in the middle of planning a large anniversary celebration for Carol-until Carol’s long-lost husband, Roy (Tim Matheson), shows up and throws the Brady household into disarray. When Roy kidnaps Carol and leaves for Hawaii, Mike and the rest of the Brady bunch take off in pursuit.

A Very Brady Sequel has a better storyline and script than the first film. Unlike the original flick this time the Brady’s are shown interacting with modern society more often and the public’s unkind attitude toward their antiquated behavior is amusing. The script for this sequel contains funnier gags, including a bit about the sexual tension between Greg and Marcia. Everyone does a great job impersonating their iconic television counterparts, but Gary Cole as Mike Brady is truly the glue that holds the film together. Cole’s underplaying of the role makes it even more enjoyable and his chemistry with Co-star Shelly Long makes for a winning star paring.

Director: Arlene Sanford
Stars: Shelley Long, Gary Cole, Tim Matheson, David Spade, Christine Taylor

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