The Super (1991) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

Joe Pesci follows his Oscar-winning performance in Goodfellas with the desperately unfunny comedy, The Super. The premise is strong and ripe for a satirical or dramatic look at the underlying theme. This is not that movie. The Super plays like a good pilot of an episodic sitcom. The film’s lite running time also suggests that post-production maneuvers were put into effect in order to deliver a releasable product.

Louie Kritski (Joe Pesci) is a slumlord without a shred of conscience. After repeatedly ignoring housing code violations, he is sentenced to live in his own decrepit building until acceptable repairs can be made. Louie finds himself living amongst rodents, overflowing toilets, and his angry fellow tenants.

The biggest hindrance to the film is Joe Pesci, who proves once again, that he is not an actor skilled in comedy. Despite this obvious fact producers would continue casting the thespian in half a dozen more comedies throughout the 1990s’. Supporting actors Ruben Blades and Vincent Gardenia are wasted in thankless roles.

Director: Rod Daniel
Stars: Joe Pesci, Ruben Blades, Vincent Gardenia

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