The Ladies Man (2000) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

Tim Meadows brings his signature character from SNL to the big screen courtesy of producer Lorene Michaels and Paramount Pictures. The Ladies Man is a lite as air comedy that is far removed from the massive success of such breakout hits like The Blues Brothers or Wayne’s World. Sadly, it’s not dissimilar to the ill-conceived late ’90s SNL spin-offs like Superstar or Night at the Roxbury. This is even more shocking considering that capable filmmaker Reginald Hudlin is the person most directly responsible for the strained, forced, and unimaginative events unfolding onscreen.

Leon Phelps (Tim Meadows) is a sweet-natured, irresistible love expert who tries to solve the world’s romantic problems with unexpected solutions. When Leon and his lovely producer (Karyn Parsons) lose their radio show because of Leon’s X-rated on-air comments, he figures things can’t get worse. So when Leon gets a letter from a former lover (Tiffani Thiessen) promising him a lifetime of wealth, things start looking up. Now all Leon has to do is figure out which of his former flames wrote the letter!

Like all Lorne Michale’s productions form that era The Ladies Man co-stars SNL scene-stealer, Will Ferrell. It’s interesting to watch Ferrell flop around on the screen. He hadn’t quite found his niche in movies yet and under Hudlin’s lazy direction he is utterly wasted in an unfunny supporting role. That leaves only the likable Tim Meadows who brings a loveable quality to the sex-crazed title character. Meadows scenes with Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alumnus Karyn Parsons are among the only worthy sequences in a film that clocks in at 84 minutes but loses all momentum after 60 minutes.

Director: Reginald Hudlin
Stars: Tim Meadows, Karyn Parsons, Will Ferrell

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