Countdown (2019) – Review

2 Stars

Countdown is a horror film that somewhat successfully mixes the supernatural and technology. It begins with a captivating opening sequence and then steadily declines into silliness about ancient witches and demons. It must be said that Countdown is, presumably, the best movie that could be made about a killer smartphone app.

Quinn Harris (Elizabeth Lail) is a recently promoted nurse who downloads an app that claims to predict when someone will die. It tells her she has less than three days to live. Meanwhile, Quinn’s slimy co-worker (Peter Facinelli) sexually assaults her and then has her suspended on falsified charges. As each day passes Quinn begins to see and experience phenomena leading her to fear that her life may be expiring when the countdown on her phone hits the zero mark.

Countdown has an intriguing premise and is executed well, but the movie feels minor and it fails to deliver any scares. However, the direction is crisp and the performances by the likable leads Elizabeth Lail and Jordan Calloway, including a pleasing extended cameo from comedian Tom Segura, make Countdown watchable even if it’s ultimately unremarkable.

Director: Justin Dec
Stars: Elizabeth Lail, Jordan Calloway, Tom Segura

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