Stolen (2012) – Review

[star rating=3]

Nicolas Cage reunites with his Con Air director, Simon West, for another trip to the genre well for the venerable action star. The result of their second collaboration is, Stolen, a better than excepted action/thriller from writer David Guggenheim. The pace is swift, the action is effective, and the story recalls other Cage flicks.

Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage) is a master thief who has been sent to prison for 8 years after being double-crossed in a heist gone awry. Upon his release, he’s ready to leave his criminal past behind and rebuild his relationship with estranged daughter, Alison. Montgomery’s former criminal cohorts and FBI agent Tim Harlend (Danny Huston) are all convinced that the $10 million was hidden away by Montgomery before he was sentenced. In order to get his hands on it, former partner in crime, Vincent (Josh Lucas), kidnaps Alison and demands the missing loot as ransom; giving Montgomery one day to deliver.

Stolen shares some similarities with Gone in 60 Seconds another Nicolas Cage classic. His role in both films (a man forced to return to criminal behavior to save a loved one, while an overzealous law enforcement agent hovers near bye) is a good fit for the actor and Simon West knows how to get a the right about of ‘Cage-iness’ out of the OSCAR winner.

Director: Simon West
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Danny Huston, Malin Åkerman

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