Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight (1992) – Review

3 Stars

Bloodfist 3 is the best film in the long running Roger Corman produced action series. It is, arguably, the most entertaining and professionally mounted production to ever star former kickboxing champ turned movie star Don “The Dragon” Wilson. The martial arts prison film was a popular sub-genre during the 1990s.

Don Wilson returns to the screen as a man unjustly accused of a brutal crime. Within the prison he must fight for survival, freedom and justice. He’s up against threats from gang leaders and corrupt police officials all of who are out to kill him.

Director Oley Sassone is a name that represents upper echelon filmmaking in the low-budget realm. Forced to Fight was rumored to have been made as a stand-alone film. It was repurposed into the third installment of the Bloodfist series by producer Roger Corman, and given a small theatrical release. Whatever the case may be, this entry is the series’ highpoint and a high-water mark in the film career of Don Wilson.

Director: Oley Sassone
Stars: Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Richard Roundtree, Richard Paul

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