Equalizer 2000 (1987) – Review

2 Stars

The 1980’s craze of subpar Mad Max knock offs continues in schlock maestro Cirio Santiago homage, Equalizer 2000. Martial Arts star Richard Norton plays the lone hero involved in a civil war in a barren futuristic wasteland. The bare-bones production values and scant storyline are barely enough to fill the feature length running time. However, Norton makes for a sturdy action hero, working hard in the midst of the low-budget restraints of the production.

A civil war rages amongst two warring factions of survivors who’ve made it through an apocalyptic event. The rebel group has killed a ranking captain in their opponent’s army. The fallen officer’s son (Richard Norton) and his female partner (Corinne Wahl) use the ultimate weapon to survive in Alaska 100 years after nuclear winter.

Interestingly, the acting isn’t the weakest aspect of the film. Robert Patrick (Yes.That Robert Patrick) is good in one of his earliest roles, while Don Gordon Bell and Norton round out the capable cast. The sparse production values and basic daily exposure cinematography are typically of this level of B-Movie.

Director: Cirio Santiago
Stars: Richard Norton, Don Gordon Bell, Robert Patrick

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