Krampus (2015) – Review

2 Stars

Krampus looks great, is cast well, and has a festive yule-tide tone. But this is a feature-length film with only enough ideas for an action-packed short. This time out, director Michael Doughtery applies his brand of off-beat horror-comedy to Christmas, after having mixed laughs and scares in the Halloween set Trick ‘r Treat

The design and execution of the title creature are impressive. It’s menacing and memorable. But the story doesn’t exhibit the same type of imagination. The events drag-on during the predictable second act. All of which leads to a twist ending that nullifies the previous 90 minutes. Krampus isn’t likely to make anyone’s yearly list of required holiday viewing.

Director: Michael Doughtery
Stars: Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner

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