Mom and Dad Save the World (1992) – Review

3 Stars

There exists a little-seen oddity of a family film named Mom and Dad Save the World. It was released briefly into theaters during the summer of 1992, where it bombed and quickly retreated to video store shelves. That is where I originally caught up with this peculiar and utterly charming little flick. Revisiting it today, I see the Monty Python influence in production design and manic glee (Eric Idol even has a cameo) and the underlying raunchiness of the story is very adult and very funny.

Emperor Spengo (Jon Lovitz) sees Marge Nelson (Teri Garr) and using a giant magnet, kidnaps her and her husband Dick (Jeffery Jones), hoping to make Marge his before blowing up the Earth. The Emperor and other inhabitants of his planet are somewhat less than bright, and Dick begins reliving episodes of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers to rescue Marge, save the Earth, and restore the rightful emperor to the throne.

Mom and Dad Save the World is a movie that plasters a silly grin on my face and firmly keeps it in place for the duration of its fleet 88 minutes running time. This is innocuous and safe for viewing by the entire family. Only Mom and Dad will pick up on the comedically sexually frustrated Jon Lovitz.

Director: Greg Beeman
Stars: Teri Garr, Jeffrey Jones, Jon Lovitz

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